FD Homebrew rules

General Changes

  • Each tribe speaks its own language, these languages are named the same as the tribes.
  • There are no tamed animals other than those gained from class features and animal gear hasn’t been invented yet.
  • Roll ability scores using 2d6+6 rules, the game is very low magic so you should be allowed an edge.
  • A Rogue’s Trapfinding ability applies its Disable Device bonus to Survival checks to disarm traps instead.

Equipment Changes

  1. Scrolls are replaced with spirit pouches. Mechanics are unchanged but just so you know the flavor.
  2. Currency has been changed thus: Strings of beads are the campaign’s currency, they come in three variants and are small enough to be carried by the thousands with ease.

Black beads (bb) are the equivalent of gold pieces, white beads (wb) are the equivalent of silver pieces, and green beads (gb) are the equivalent of copper coins.

The strings come in variants of 10, 25, and 50. You will not need to keep track of what form your beads are in, just how many you have.

Skill Changes

  1. The following skills have been removed from the game entirely
    • Craft (trap)
    • DIsable Device
    • Knowledge (Nobility)
    • Knowledge (Planes)
  2. Survival is now used instead of Craft (trap) and Disable Device for the respective setting and removal of traps.

FD Homebrew rules

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