FD Equipment

The people of From Dawn are technologically primitive, only having access to wood, stone, and animal products for the creation of tools, weapons, clothing, and shelter, as a result the equipment available in the campaign is severely limited

FD Weapons

Humans weapons are made out of materials immediately available to them, such as wood and bone.

FD Armor

Human defensive technology is generally limited to tanned hides and carefully constructed bone arrangements.

Clothing and Containers

Item Weight Value
Outfit, Cold-Weather 7 lbs 8
Outfit, Hot Weather 4 lbs 8
Furs 5 lbs 12
Pouch, belt 1/2 1
Pouch, spell component 2 5
Sack (container) 1/2 lb. 0.1

Adventuring Gear

Item Weight Value
Bedroll 5 lbs. 0.1
Blanket 3 lbs. 0.5
Tent, small 20 lbs. 10
Tent, medium 30 lbs. 15
Net, fishing 5 lbs. 4
Rope, hemp (50 ft.) 10 lbs. 1
Firewood (per day) 20 lbs. 0.01
Rations, Trail 1lbs. 0.5

FD Equipment

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