Iron Worlds

Iron Worlds uses a different feat and ability score progression from Pathfinder. Iron Worlds characters also gain a +1 deflection bonus to AC at 4th level and every 4 levels afterwards.

In Iron Worlds every character can increase their limit on implantation points by 1/2 their character level. Each character can allocate these points between their Intelligence and Constitution scores as they choose.

At 7th each character’s body and brain cybertech slots can each accommodate one more piece of cybertech than normal. At 14th level they can accommodate an additional piece of cybertech in each of these slots.

Level Feats Ability Scores Deflection Bonus Cybertech Slots
1 1st
2 2nd
3 +1 to any ability score
4 3rd +1
6 4th +1 to any ability score
7 +1
8 5th +1
9 +1 to any ability score
10 6th
12 7th +1 to any ability score +1
14 8th +1
15 +1 to any ability score
16 9th +1
18 10th +1 to any ability score
20 11th +1

Iron Barbarian
Iron Brawler
Iron Fighter
Iron Gunslinger
Iron Rogue
Iron Swashbuckler

Iron Worlds

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